Since re-uniting The Lincolnaires  have successfully performed to SOLD-OUT shows and dances throughout the greater Durham Region.
Their success can be attributed to the appeal of their authentic style and sound of the   music and presentation. The 35-plus age bracket make up an ever increasing percentage of the population that is generally,  forgotten when music and entertainment formats are developed.
           The Lincolnaires  have all the equipment necessary to bring  the look, feel and sound of an original 50's Rock & Roll Band that will take you back to the  Fabulous Fifties for all of your special events.

            The musical era that   "The Lincolnaires"  focus on, ranges between 1955 and 1965, the early days of Rock and Roll.  The band was formed in 1958, and coming from that era have a love and a feel for the authentic style of music that younger musicians may not have.

            For further information or personal attendance at any committee meetings, bookings, complete list of songs,  etc.  please call :    

                          Brian 905-626-6687  or  e-mail The Lincolnaires